Seeking the Extraordinary

According to Alastair Humphreys, an English adventurer and explorer, a Microadventure is a short, simple, local adventure which is at the same time fun, challenging and rewarding. MicroAdventures make adventure accessible to those with very little experience but who wish to approach the outdoors in a simple and safe way.

A two-day trek with overnight stays in a campsite or a cabin, follow a little-known path, explore a lake or a river using a packraft, rediscover the habitat of wolves and bears...

We want to help people to find the extraordinary in ordinary places, promoting adventures and initiatives off the beaten track, but in a context of accessibility, proximity and simplicity.

Because adventure is - first and foremost - a state of mind!

Would you like to join us?

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Other goals

Read about the other areas of development and promotional activities of our nonprofit Zero to Wild, through which a group of enthusiasts and professionals dream of creating a solid synergy between the natural environment and tourism: 



Scelta dei materiali, comprensione del percorso, navigazione, alimentazione, allenamento, primo soccorso in aree remote, survival, bushcraft...

Leave no Trace

Leave No trace

A simple scheme of good practice to minimise human impact during outdoor activities. A must for sustainable and ethical tourism...

Divulgazione e Informazione

Spreading the Word

Sharing the beauty and the emotions that adventure and contact with the natural environment inspire. Educational and fact sheets, podcasts and videos... 

Wilderness e Terre Alte


Inaccessible spots on the planet, where the impact of humans is hardly noticeable. Natural Reserves whereNnature reigns supreme...

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